The expertise gained by Studio 7.5 over the last twenty years, developing and engineering innovative office furniture such as the CosmMirra and Setu chairs and Metaform Portfolio for Herman Miller, is reflected in the attention to detail we apply to Make.

Since assembling our first open source 3D printer in 2014, Studio 7.5 has delved even deeper into the realm of additive manufacturing. We were already well acquainted with this field for rapid prototyping, but after gaining full control of the printing process, we found we could carefully craft not only objects, but also the machine’s operations. The premise of designing for a layer-based manufacturing technique quickly led us to begin developing our own algorithms, in order to translate a geometric design into a machine pathway. By designing not only the geometric form of the object, but also the exact way the 3D printer will materialize that form, we at Studio 7.5 seek to explore additive manufacturing as a parallel technology to traditional mold-based manufacturing techniques, embracing its own unique advantages.

MetaformTools, Studio 7.5’s first venture into additive manufacturing, was launched in 2015 to complement the Metaform Portfolio™ office ecosystem, designed for Herman Miller. The platform metaformTools.com offers a multitude of varied tools, or physical apps, which function as add-ons to optimize the Metaform Portfolio™ workspace. Users can store and display all their kit within arm’s reach on a variety of tools and hooks, easily attached to Metaform Portfolio™: a space-saving, flexible shelving device and space divider; a lightweight, contemporary amphitheatre for one’s equipment and inspiration. It allows workspaces to be customized effortlessly in a way that was not previously possible, providing for all kinds of professional needs. Additive manufacturing enables even very particular needs to be satisfied quickly, as the tools are 3D printed according to each individual request. A wide variety of materials, colors and textures allows for further customization. MetaformTools demonstrates how one can rapidly materialize a response to emerging needs, in-house, by merging the processes of designing, producing and implementing products more closely than ever before. MetaformTools are available worldwide, either designed and produced by MAKE in Berlin, or downloaded as data to print at home. Additionally this hackable process can easily be adopted by interior architects or Metaform users themselves if they have the skills at their disposal to design and print their own tools. 3D printing complements the concept of instant reconfiguration and adaptability, which is the defining characteristic of the Metaform Portfolio™ system.

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