helix globes


Super Lightweight
Being super lightweight, the hollow globes are a playful manifestation of studio 7.5’s EMC routine: Every Molecule Counts, meaning every bit of material is consciously positioned in order to use the least amount of material for creating a construction with exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Super Robust
The 3D-printed globes are made for “low maintenance” environments. This high-tech decoration is nearly indestructible and does the job in nurseries, in households with pets, in lobbies, in offices, in the garden, …

Celebrating the Unique Characteristics/Aesthetics of 3D-Printing
The beautiful, fine fluted texture derives from our distinct print resolution – we celebrate this new manufacturing technique instead of attempting to mimic traditional plastic manufacturing processes. Created from one continuous line of filament, with no need for extra finishing processes or additional materials, the Helix collection is the most economical and minimalist design solution to create 3D-printed objects.

Industrial Craftsmanship
In former times, a craftsman treasured his own tools, as they were indispensable for demonstrating his mastery – nowadays, in a digital age where manual skills have taken a backseat, the 3D printer is our go-to tool for crafting objects. Crafting an object means controlling every step in its materialization – this is why we developed our own algorithm to exactly define the path for the printer to follow. We are merging the process of designing an object with the process of its materialization: designing and manufacturing are no longer two discrete entities, instead they merge into one, holistic, creative process.

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