Industrial Craftsmanship
In former times, a craftsman treasured his own tools, as they were indispensable for demonstrating his mastery – nowadays, in a digital age where manual skills have taken a backseat, the 3D printer is our go-to tool for crafting objects. Crafting an object means controlling every step in its materialization – this is why we developed our own algorithm to exactly define the path for the printer to follow. We are merging the process of designing an object with the process of its materialization: designing and manufacturing are no longer two discrete entities, instead they merge into one, holistic, creative process.

Celebrating the Unique Characteristics/Aesthetic of 3D Printing
The beautiful, fine, fluted texture derives from our coarse print resolution – we celebrate this new manufacturing technique instead of attempting to mimic traditional plastic manufacturing processes. Created from one continuous line of filament, with no need for extra finishing processes or additional materials, the Helix collection is the most economical and minimalist design solution to create 3D printed objects.

Sophisticated Colors and Materials
Our products are printed from a high quality bio-polymer filament which is manufactured in Berlin. PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is a thermoplastic material which is made from renewable resources. The filament is available in a very wide range of colors, encompassing more than 70 shades. The pigments used are of the finest quality, free from plasticizer and heavy metals, resulting in a safe, consistent, and reliable filament quality for perfect, solid color. However, PLA is not a high temperature performer: the material gets soft at about 60°C | 140°F. So if you receive your order in summertime, the parts might be slightly soft after sitting for some time in the delivery vehicle. So please leave the 3D printed parts in the package and let them cool down to room temperature in order to avoid deformations. Handle all MAKE products with the same common-sense care you would take to protect your vinyl records :-)

Local Manufacturing
Our products are 3D printed in Berlin on 3D printers made in Berlin, with PLA filament made in Berlin. It can’t get more local than that!

Instant & On-Demand Materialization
Since our production chain is so local and we can start printing at the touch of a button, we not only fulfill orders relatively quickly – we only produce our products on demand. With no need to store stock, we can stay fresh and flexible, launching new products whenever inspiration strikes.

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