helix tops

helix tops


Set of three parametric helix spinning tops, 3D printed from one continuous line of filament.


PLA (biobased plastic)


60 x 180 x 115 mm

production process

3d printed

delivery time

ships within 6-8 business days


A family of 3D printed parametric helix spinning tops, made from one continuous PLA filament. The latest technology gave birth to an innovative reincarnation of this ancient toy, perfect for both design enthusiasts and high-tech collectors to enjoy. Each set consists of a unique combination of tops picked from the helix tops family. All have a height of 70 mm and vary in their diameter and contouring.

The varied sinus-wave textures on the surface of the tops enabled the addition of material in certain areas of the top, increasing weight in order to optimize spinning. Functional decoration.

Learn more about our approach to 3D printing and the materials we use on the WHY page.

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